RiteReno | Contractors Verification
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Contractors Verification

We verify our contractor’s

Business legal existence

We confirm that our contractor’s buisnessis legally operating, that they have legally registered or incorporated a business in the province of business.

Judicial records on the business

RiteReno.com does research to find out if any important civil actions have been taken against this company in the three years preceding their inscription to the RiteReno.com’s network and if they have lost their cases using the following website: https://www.canlii.org/en/.

The contractor’s license validity

We verify with the appropriate provincial association in order to confirm the existence of their licence. We make sure that our contractors have a valid .

The contractor’s liability insurance

We request our contractor’s to send us a copy of their insurance policy, so if the contractor does cause any damage to your property during your project, you could be compensated for it.

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