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A bathroom renovation is a direct investment in the overall value of your property. A renovation may be necessary for maintenance and repair, ecological reasons or aesthetic improvements. Often a bathroom renovation will address all these.

It is best to identify your needs and know your budget before starting bathroom renovation:


The present state of the bathroom.

Who uses the bathroom / frequency of use?

The purpose of the bathroom renovation?

The new desired style for your bathroom?

The time you are willing to invest?

What is the actual budget? Need financing?


A contactor can help you determine what is possible considering the present state of the bathroom, your needs and your budget and will guide you in your choices. Bathroom renovation projects can include the modernization of the piping or electrical systems, improving the design and look with fresh paint or new tiles such as ceramic, marble, granite etc. The installation of a new shower, bath tub or toilet can also improve the look and feel of you bathroom.

Today the bathroom is not only a part of the house that needs to be functional but the bathroom can also act as an oasis. With a little preparation and advice the possibilities are limitless!

Bathroom renovations are one of the many services offered by RiterReno.com and its’ qualified members.

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