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Demolition is the tearing down of structure or buildings. Demolition is common practice when it comes to renovation projects. Whether you’re planning a small rooms’ renovation or a complete home remodeling some demolition is often necessary before beginning your project. Demolition differs from deconstruction. Deconstruction is a more precise form of demolition. Deconstruction involves more precision and care. Deconstruction is a careful dismantling of a structure to preserve certain valuable elements such as aluminum, or wood to be re-used.
For smaller buildings or homes (3 stories or less), demolition is relatively simple and can be done manually or mechanically. When it comes to a mechanical deconstruction specialized equipment or machinery is necessary so you will need to hire a demolition expert. Machinery like excavators, bulldozers, hydraulic jackhammers or wrecking balls is used in demolition projects. All these machines require an expert operator. RightReno.com is the right place to find a demolition expert in your area.
Before undertaking a demolition project there factors to consider to ensure both the safety of the workers performing the demolition as well as maintaining the integrity of the surrounding structure. The following are a few factors to consider when planning your construction projects.
• Obtaining the necessary permits and submitting the required notifications
• Asbestos Abatement
• Removal of regulated or hazardous materials
• Disconnection of utility services (water/electric)
• Identifying load-bearing walls or beams
• Protecting the work site from possible rodent or animal infestation
Deconstruction is a relatively new approach to demolition. It is a more environmentally friendly form of demolition by minimizing waste materials ending up in landfills and by reducing the CO2emissions caused by the heavy machinery used in the traditional demolition project. Deconstruction can also offset the overall cost of a demolition job by allowing you to resell or re-use the materials like wood, steel, glass, wiring etc..
Contact RiteReno.com today to begin your demolition or deconstruction project on the right foot.

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