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You might consider repairing floors already in place. Have your hardwood floors? Your floors can be refurbished. Your contractor will repair, sand and polish your hardwood floors.In some cases, repair is not an option and you now consider installing new flooring.
Here are some factors to assess:
The status of this floor
Use of the room in your home
Insulation and soundproofing needs for your floor
Durability of the floor
The maintenance after installation of your floor
Some floors materials to consider:
Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring is very resistant and can be refinished if needed and very easy to maintain but hardwood flooring may be very expensive to purchase and install.
Floating wood floor
Very simple to install, easy to clean and easy to replace if needed but has some cons that come with it such as floating floor cannot be refinished.
Comfortable to walk on but can stain very easily
Ceramic or Porcelain Tile
Very durable and strong flooring choice but has some cons that come with it such as the grout can become stained, a tile may crack with time.The ceramic floor installation in the kitchen is often a popular choice for both its aesthetic properties for its durability
Vinyl (sheet or tile)
Very inexpensive and simple to install but not a very attractive look to any home
Engineered Wood Floor
Easy to install and very resistant type of flooring but very limited on options when you would like to refinish the floor, and does not last as long as real wood.
When choosing a new floor you could opt for a floor that meets the special needs, for example, you can install a radiant heated floor to have a warm floor at all times.
RiteReno.com will help you choose the perfect contractor for your new floor.

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