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A good roof is essential to your home. The roof helps support a structure and protects it from the elements. A large percentage of heat can be lost through a badly insulated roof, so it is important to periodically verify the state of your roof and its insulation. A thorough inspection of your roof could help you avoid costly emergency expenses.

The two main types of roofs for residential building are flat roofs and sloping or gable roofs. Flat roofs are the most common and simplest to build. Flat roofs are usually covered with a rubber membrane product  like modified bitumen, thermoplastic membrane, epdm etc..

Sloped roofs also known as gable roof are pitched and are more difficult to build but can add character to you home, helping it stand out on your street. Sloped roofs are usually covered with shingles. There are different types of shingles such as asphalt shingles, wood shingles, slate shingles and terra cotta tiles .Shingle come in a variety of colors and sizes. There are also metal shingles and roofing systems like aluminum, zinc, copper, steel and tin.

Green roofs are a popular trend these days. A green roof has plants and vegetation growing on it. This helps the environment as well as acting as a natural insulant from the cold and an effective heat barrier in the summer.

White roofs are also gaining in popularity in hotter urban areas. A white roof will reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it like a traditional black roof. By reflecting sunlight away a white roof acts as heat shield on hot sunny day helping your home keep cool

  • Common problems seen with roofs are:
  • Wear due to aging and weathering
  • Structural Problems
  • Non-adequate insulation


A repair may be considered if for example there is only one section of your shingles that are damaged or corrosion on your metal roof is only on the surface and can be patched with the application of a primer and paint.

When the damage is too great or simply the roof is tooold, renovation should be considered. Your RiteReno.com contractor can guide you in your roofing project.

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