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The role of the exterior siding is to protect the base of the structure keeping the weather outside and the heat or air conditioning inside. There are many types of exterior siding like fiberglass, aluminum, wood, vinyl and composite materials amongst others. Exterior siding is available in a wide range of colors and styles.The different types of siding each offer different advantages depending on the material they are made from.
Wood: Provides undeniable style and superior performance but require some maintenance. There are also engineered wood products market that is made to minimize maintenance.
Metal: Such as aluminum siding, steel siding, and tin siding offer resistance and ease of maintenance.
Vinyl siding is very easy to maintain and is often easier on the budget but does not necessarily offer the same cachet as brick or wood. Vinyl has the added advantage of being available in many colors and textures.
Canexel is made of wood fibers, resin and wax fused under pressure. Canexel is very resistant in all climate zones.

There are also materials such as asbestos cement and other polymers which may be considered depending on the area to be covered. Installation of siding must be done properly to get the most benefits from your siding. Your contractor will guide you in your choices taking into consideration the present condition of the liner in place, the needs, the desired style, and budget. At RightReno.com you’re to find the right siding contractor for your project.

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