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Railings and stairs are architectural elements that must by their nature be safe while adding a decorative element to the overall style of your property. Your municipality may have the regulations in place regarding the railings height and stairs so it is very important to inform yourself of these standards and regulations before proceeding.
You may use a contractor to repair, restore or installrailing or stairs. When making your decision you should take into account the existing condition of the railing and staircase in place and see if the condition of the railing and staircase could cause a repair or restoration could be considered. Perhaps some elements could be recycled into new facilities?
Your needs and expectations should be clearly established. The needs will not be the same for stairs and railings outside of your house as for the staircase and railings inside. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Your budget is important and determining factor in materials that will be available to you. There are many decorative styles and materials such as:
Staircase Styles
Circular Stairways, Curved Stairways, Elliptical Stairways, Grand Stairways, Spiral Stairways
Staircase Materials
Glass Stairways, Wood Stairways, Wood and Metal Stairways, Wood, Metal, Stone Stairways, Wood and Glass Stairways, Cherry Stairways, Walnut Stairways, White Oak Stairways, Maple Stairways
Railing Materials
Wood Railings, Metal Railings, Wrought Iron and Stainless Steel Railings, Stone, Marble, or Granite, Railings, Aluminum, Vinyl, and Fiberglass Railings.

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Improving, ReModeling
Aluminum, Fiberglass Railings, Marble, Metal Railings, Railings, Stainless Steel Railings, Stone, Vinyl, Wood Railings, Wrought Iron